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Team Innovate may have run unopposed in the most recent student body elections, but the newly elected Executive Vice President still wants to truly innovate UVU.

Sam Hadlock is going to be the new second in command for the student body population. This position should not be looked at as a yes-man or just a right hand man, but as the connection between student government and administration.

Hadlock is much like any other student: He is an Art major, has been here for a few years and isn’t sure exactly where he fits in with his class standing.

“I’m a sophomore or a junior,” Hadlock said. “I’m not sure, I have a year and a half left or so.”

He has served in student government since he was a sophomore in high school, when he was his school’s sophomore class president. He also served as a junior and a senior, his senior year as his school’s student body president.

“I love being involved,” Hadlock said. “I have a hard time going to class then going home. I don’t think your education should be a miserable experience.”

He has served the previous two years as the assistant student body president over design.

The focus of his life is looking into using what he loves to make a difference. In the future, he wants to use art to help himself and support the family he hopes to one day have.

While some may not see a direct connection between the mind of an art student and a politician Hadlock uses the strengths from each to influence the other.

“Art is abstract, so is leadership,” Hadlock said.

This is also a reason he likes his team name, Innovate. He wants to be involved with students, to be an active voice to help students be involved in any way.

He will spend most of his time over the next year with new Student Body President Chris Loumeau. While the art side of Hadlock focuses on emotional and circular logic, he said, Loumeau thinks more logically and linearly. They will use these viewpoints to attack problems from different angles.

“Chris and I are very different people,” Hadlock said. “We kind of balance each other out.”

Hadlock will focus mostly on the independent branch, which includes the mentoring, multicultural and international student government programs.

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