Book Review with Juli Auna, employee at Deseret Books

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Life is a path paved with questions. As we answer one, we are led to many more. Yet each question answered still brings us another step farther on our journey.


As questions are such a key feature of life – from where to go to school to whom to marry to what to believe – learning to find answers to questions is a vital skill. David A. Bednar’s new book, “Increase in Learning,” offers instruction for developing this skill, focusing on learning to answer one’s own great questions in the light of Christian doctrine.


Juli Auna, a Deseret Book employee and recent college graduate, says the book has helped her greatly. Auna and her husband were able to be a part of the book, participating in a Q-and-A session with Bednar that appears as a DVD of extra learning materials with the book.


“I’ve found a lot of things I never knew I had questions about,” says Auna of her experience reading Bednar’s book.


She says the book has also helped her “learn and think,” encouraging her to seek out her own answers to questions. She says she appreciates the book because answers aren’t simply handed out in it. Instead, the book focuses on teaching individuals the skills to be able to answer their own questions.


“I don’t feel so helpless,” said Auna of how the book has helped her better approach life.


Auna describes Bednar’s book as “a great tool” and recommends that readers “give it a try.”


By Sierra Wilson

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