Your car matters

A man should take the time to make his car as nice as possible for a date

Not to offend any female car-fanatics, but my dating experience has shown that most girls can’t tell the difference between a Mustang GT and a Dodge Charger. The type of car the man drives doesn’t seem as important as the type of guy he is.

That being said, in a man’s mind, a car is something inherently connected to manhood, like facial hair or muscles. I drive a 2001 Camry XLE V6. While it isn’t a sports car or high-class sedan, I take great pride in being able to pick up a young lady in a comfortable car that I own and maintain. My friend drives an old, beat-up Lincoln Town Car, and I will never let him drive on a double date. I want to offer my date the nicest things I can, and my car is a reflection of that attitude.

A girl may say, “The car doesn’t matter.” That is a lie.

Ladies, you do not want to sit on a layer of Del Taco wrappers, breathing exhaust because “something’s broken” and suffering from broken air conditioning or suspension that feels a like a rodeo bull.

Most students can’t afford nice cars, which is fine, but I believe a man should take the time and money to take the vehicle he has and make it as nice as possible for a date. This includes regular maintenance; cleaning (inside and out, guys); fixing things that are broken and driving properly.

Men, let your cars be an extension of yourself that reflects your character and respect for others. Don’t pick up the girl who was kind enough to say “yes” in a piece-of-junk beater that shakes at 40 mph and has ketchup stains from the last “guys’ night.”

You wouldn’t show up for a date unshowered in pajamas. Make yourself and your vehicle impressive. Have confidence that you’ve done the best you can for that special someone. She’ll notice.

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