Sushi Be Rollin comes to UVU

Food trucks have become a fun way for people to try a variety of foods from ethnic fusions and delectable sweets without having to sit down at a restaurant. UVU has joined in on the trend by having food trucks on Monday’s and Thursday’s in the parking lot south of the Fulton Library and in the plaza from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Audrey Christensen, senior, said she enjoys having the food trucks come to the school to avoid the long lines at other places on campus, such as Subway and Taco Bell.

Among these food trucks is Sushi Be Rollin, which makes sushi and other Asian dishes in a quick and convenient manner.

“My favorite thing to get is the T-Bowl plus” Danielle Palmer, senior, said.

Other popular favorites are the coconut shrimp roll, teriyaki bowl and the sushi roll, according to the owner, Spencer Kim.

Sushi Be Rollin started in April 2016 based off of the idea of a sushi burrito. However, it was difficult to make sushi burritos in a timely manner in a food truck, so the idea was changed to more like a California roll. Kim said he wanted make food in a “Subway style” where people can choose the California roll base and then decide on spices, sauces and toppings. Their current menu includes a variety of sushi and bowls with meat and rice.

Kim originally studied mechanical engineering at BYU, but was intrigued by the idea of doing something more creative and different. Now he brings food to people all over Utah.

“I really enjoy coming to UVU. I like UVU students because they are really excited and energetic,” Kim said.

To try recipes made by Kim, find Sushi Be Rollin at UVU on Monday’s or their other various locations across Utah.

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