Author: Kayla Baggerly

Sushi Be Rollin comes to UVU

Food trucks have become a fun way for people to try a variety of foods from ethnic fusions and delectable sweets without having to sit down at a restaurant. UVU has joined in on the trend by having food trucks on Monday’s and Thursday’s in the parking lot south of the Fulton Library and in the plaza from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Audrey Christensen, senior, said she enjoys having the food trucks come to the school to avoid the long lines at other places on campus, such as Subway and Taco Bell. Among these food trucks is Sushi...

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Provo Ghost Tours keep local folklore alive

Underneath the city of Provo is a world full of mythological tales. Danny B. Stewart, former UVU humanities professor, is a writer for Utah Stories Magazine and explores these mythological tales on his ghost tours. These stories come from local workers and business owners who have approached him with unexplainable paranormal activity they have experienced. On this tour, Stewart shares all he has learned about the ghosts that he believes live among the citizens of Provo. Stewart is an ‘anomalogist’, someone who researches folklore and teaches it to others in entertaining ways. Stewart explained that he has been fascinated...

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Paramore brings lively performance to UCCU Center

In support of their latest album, After Laughter, Paramore has been firing up audiences with new and old hits across the states on their “Tour Two”. They stopped at the UCCU Center Sept. 22 and proved the band is as strong as ever, despite experiencing hardships that almost lead to their end. In 2005, Paramore introduced themselves to the world with their “emo” rock sound but have experimented as their career continued. Songs on their self-titled fourth album played around with pop elements, such as the soulful Ain’t it Fun and cheery Still Into You. They plunged deeper into bright...

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Nothing But Thieves conquer the world of rock with new album

Nothing But Thieves emerged from seemingly nowhere with their explosive self-titled debut album in 2015. The British alt-rock band enamored listeners and critics with their slick hooks, aggressive riffs and Connor Mason’s soaring vocals. Their single Trip Switch topped the alternative billboard charts. The five member group swept through Europe and America playing a series of concerts alongside acts like Muse, Twenty One Pilots and Arcade Fire. Bands who are popular early in their career are pressured to prove themselves during their second album while facing the danger of a possible “sophomore slump.” Nothing But Thieves’ new album Broken...

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Play review: “Doctor Faustus”

The theatre department brought Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe to life Sept. 11 through vibrant expressions, costumes and a lively portrayal of the characters. The play is an Elizabethan tragedy sprinkled with just the right amount of comedy, and the department captured this blend perfectly. The audience was entranced by the actors who played their roles using plenty of witty quips and lavish charm. The talents in this laugh out loud production created a suspenseful and memorable performance of this classic tale. The play follows the character of Doctor Faustus, who tries to quench his insatiable thirst for knowledge...

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