Maroon 5 shows their softer R&B side with newest album

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Maroon 5 has been around for a while considering they released their first album under the band name of Maroon 5 back in 2002. Now, 16 years later they released their newest album titled Red Pill Blues on Nov. 3.

There are many great featured artists on this new album because collaborating with other artists is nothing new for the band. They have worked with singers like Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa and Christina Aguilera. This album features the work of some lesser-known artists such as SZA or LunchMoney Lewis while still working with bigger names such as Future, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky and Julia Michaels.

The overall feeling on this album is a lot slower paced then the band’s past work. While Maroon 5 always gives their fans some downbeat songs, their tracks were more often danceable with upbeat music. With their latest album, their more electronic songs keep with this tone and are a lot slower in rhythm.

However, this calm and slower pace to their music is not a bad thing. Maroon 5 created ballads that show a more thoughtful and softer side to the group with songs such as Whiskey or Lips on You. These tracks have similar emotions to past songs such as Unkiss Me from their previous album V.

Another interesting sound and change that Maroon 5 made on this specific album is a more R&B and reggae sound with certain tracks. The R&B sound is also a lot more present on this album because many of Maroon 5’s guest artists help the band with carrying it in their collaborations. Maroon 5 also creates reggae sounding music in some their solo songs such as Visions. This song in particular brings the sounds that give you a tropical island feel while using elements of R&B at the same time.

Among all of the new sounds that the band released, they still stayed true to their roots and have some pop and funk tunes. One of the most upbeat tracks is What Lovers Do, which will give fans a very familiar feeling because it has a funky and more bouncy feeling to it.

Overall, the group does not disappoint with its latest album Red Pill Blues. It is something new that but also keeps the same feeling that has made many people in the past fall in love with Maroon 5.