Students of UVU: Marshall R. Madsen

Marshall R. Madsen, a junior musical theatre performance major, has a passion for theater that cannot be tainted. His love for the arts is shown through his spectacular performances.

Madsen fell in love with theater when he was younger, and now he wants to share his love for theater with the world.

“It’s a really beautiful thing when one flawed human can make another flawed human feel good. I suppose that’s why I do theater, people come and escape from the real world for just a couple hours – I’m the reason they get to forget about debt, or their divorce, or trouble, or death, or even just daily cares.” said Madsen.

Madsen first discovered his love for theater at the young age of eight. His sisters were auditioning for a production of Peter Pan, and they encouraged him to audition as well. Since landing the role of a lost boy 14 years ago, Madsen fell in love with preforming, music and theater. He has participated in over 25 different shows in roles ranging from ensemble to leads. Madsen won the “Best Performance By An Actor” award from UVU for his performance in Ideal Husband. As Madsen started to make his name on and off the stage, he discovered that theater doesn’t have to just be a hobby but is a worthy career.

“As I looked into it more I actually realized there was a craft and career around it… It wasn’t one of those things that people just dreamed about or watched. It could be my reality,” said Madsen.

While studying theater at UVU, Madsen heard many times that theater will not make a good career. Many people said to him that the musical theater degree he is working so hard to obtain, is useless. Madsen agrees with them, to a certain extent.

“I’ll be honest the degree is pretty useless. However, the caveat is that the training inside the degree is priceless,” said Madsen. “The training provides you with the ability to be self-aware about every aspect of your being, from emotional well-being, to psychological care, to physical care.”

Madsen’s love for theater shines through his demeanor on and off the stage. He wants to spread the magic of his hard work and his love for performing with anyone who sees one of his shows.

“I don’t settle for much less than the best. I’m a dreamer but even in a college setting I’m watching my dreams materialize and come true in front of me,” said Madsen, “It’s exhausting and it burns you out, but it’s the most incredible kind of magic. It’s the kind of magic I want to share with the world – everyone needs to experience it.”

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