Spring break essentials

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Photos by Melissa Henrie

The anticipated spring break is close, and the items you pack are essential to the success of your trip.

Outfit #1: (Romper, flannel, wedges) “Daytime dressy to nighttime confident”


Rompers are making a full come back this season and demonstrate great versatility in tropical weather. Throw one on over your swimsuit when you are headed to the beach. It dresses up your appearance for the day with little effort but no one else has to know. It’s also perfect for strutting around downtown and acceptable for lunch or dinner plans without having to change. But as nights get chilly, you won’t have to worry about a full outfit change. Throw a button up flannel over your romper with some killer wedges and you’re set for the night. The flannel will keep you warm and the wedges will dress you up while accentuating your legs at the same time.


Outfit #2: Crochet top with high waisted distressed cut offs and rainbows “Beach ready”


The one style you can’t go wrong with this spring is high waisted. Especially with swimwear and shorts, they are extremely flattering. Basic black high waist bottoms are an item that suits everyone. Paired with a bandeau top, you can lay out in style while being classy and timeless. When you’re done lying out and ready for biking or another daytime activity, a crochet cropped top with high waist distressed cut offs are ideal. This throw on combination prevents overheating but lets in a cool breeze and still lets some rays get through. For footwear, rainbows are the most comfortable and casual for lots of walking and match any color scheme of your choice.


Outfit #3: One piece, sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen


A few days into the trip, you’ve maximized your amount of sun without enough sunscreen and are looking for a little more shade. A one-piece is the perfect starter solution. The way they’re designed now, they’re becoming even sexier than two pieces and often more flattering. Add on some big shades that are black or brown to match your outfit of the day. Colored shades may seem bold and risky but end up at the bottom of your bag when they clash with everything. For the ultimate sun protection that is in fashion, a large floppy sun hat is a must. Braid your hair or do a low bun with the hat as it is most comfortable to you.

Now that packing fundamentals are covered and your outfits are planned, last minute trip planning and transportation can become your focus. But as you’re finishing up throwing items into your suitcase, make sure to wrap your delicate items with tissue paper and roll them. Pack these last and put them on top to prevent wrinkling. The last thing you want is to look for an iron or steamer upon arrival. Once you’re done, zip up, take lots of pictures and soak in the sun.

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