Humans of UVU: The Beginning!

Big Announcement:

You have made one of the best choices you’ve ever made by clicking on the first of the Humans of UVU series! Every week we will be highlighting one of our very own Wolverines right here. Our reporters will be in the halls, finding all of you with funny, relatable and inspiring stories to tell. UVU has over 40,000 students from various backgrounds, and we want to hear about student life and the diverse students that live it.

Our first Human of UVU is Freshman Denise Garcia. Garcia is studying Pre- Nursing here at UVU, and she told us this funny dating story:

“There was a time I went on a date with this guy. We were driving up to a mountain to go hiking when suddenly his tire was flat. He had been standing outside for a good ten minutes, not knowing what to do, when I asked him if he needed help, and he was so nervous he was sweating everywhere. I had decided to call my dad to teach him how to change a flat tire. Moral of the story: make sure the dude you are dating knows the basics of changing a tire, or you’ll get your dad doing it for your date.”

UVU Freshman Denise Garcia
Headshot of Denise Garcia photo courtesy of UVU photography

Come back next week to hear from another one of our Wolverines at Humans of UVU!

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