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Picture this: after a taking a couple of classes in the Clarke Building, you notice that you are feeling pretty hungry. You could go off-campus and grab something, but you’ve got another class in a half-hour. What do you do? Eat on campus, of course. Not only do you have a variety of options, you can also get discounts just for wearing UVU gear on Wolverine Wednesdays.

Within the Clarke building, you’ve got two options: grab a snack at Scoops, or something more substantial at Guru’s. You can’t go wrong with either, but you’d like to check out all your options before making a decision. Making your way south towards the library, you could grab a coffee or a sandwich at Mama Fulton’s Cafe.

Or, in the Physical Education (PE) building, you could eat at Green Line Cafe, another UVU exclusive restaurant. Right across from it is also Taco Bell for all your cravings and Jamba Juice for your sweet tooth. Your options greatly increase as you head into the Sorensen Student Center (SC) with Costa Vida, Subway, Pizza Hut, J Dawgs, Cupbop, Sushi and Sodalicious on the first floor alone.

You could also head upstairs and to grab something from Panda Express, Chick-Fil-A or Farr’s Fresh. But you’ve still got even more choices! If you’re feeling up for the walk, you could grab a yogurt from Trade’s Cafe in the Gunther Technology (GT) building, or a crepe from the Roll-Up Cafe in the Computer Science (CS) building. With so many options, picking where to eat can be a difficult task.

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