Food trucks provide additional dining options for students

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Photos by McKhelyn Jones

Food trucks will continue to be on campus every Monday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. while Chick-Fil-A and Panda Express are under construction.

The trucks park around the faculty parking lot between the Fulton Library and the Student Life and Wellness Center. The food choices differ between days, but there are a mix of desserts, snacks, smoothies and entrees.

Dining Services coordinated the events to help alleviate the long lines during lunch and to provide a wider variety of choices for students.

“It is becoming a demand. … It’s a new thing that’s coming here. We’ve got a lot of feedback from people who like different options around campus,” director of retail dining Ibrahim Tashman said. “We contacted some food trucks to see if they’re interested in coming to campus. Most of them were very, very interested to come here … and be part of UVU.”

There will be four trucks maximum on campus at a time, and they vary from week to week. Dining Services is currently working on contracts with Jurassic Tacos, Bandera Brisket and Waffle Love to have them here weekly according to Tashman.

The Lost Bread French toast, Porky’s Poutine and Sushi Be Rollin’ have also made an appearance on campus. The Italian Place and a pizza truck will also be making appearances every now and then.

Tashman encouraged students to check the Dining Services Facebook page for accurate and up-to-date information on what trucks will be on campus and the dates they will be there. However, the trucks set their own schedules and some might not always make it, even if they are scheduled to come, Tashman said.

“[Business] is great. This is only our second time here, but it’s a nice steady pace. … It’s nice because you don’t get like a rush,” manager of Sushi Be Rollin’ Brian Choi said.

Choi said the truck will be on campus Mondays, and it has been coming around since August.

Jake Trembath, owner of The Lost Bread, was handing out samples of his bread pudding Sept. 11. His truck serves up homemade French toast along with the pudding, and it is served with a sweet sauce like orange butter, chocolate, mixed berry or caramel.

Trembath said his business has doubled each time the food truck has come to campus.

There is also a social aspect to food trucks. Patrons sat outside enjoying their meals and interacting with one another during the Sept. 11 event. Students were chatting and asking one another about the different foods, while several people shared their different meals.

“It’s maybe not just caring about bringing new food to the campus. It’s maybe more about creating a more sociable and enjoyable environment for the students and the staff,” Tashman said.