Native Utahns, Foreign Figures, set to release Overzealous EP in late July

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Foreign Figures, a music group originating from Orem, Utah, recently signed with KnightVision records. This music label will help the band release and gain traction for their thought-provoking and influential EP, Overzealous.

Band members Eric Michels, Steve Michels, Seth Dunshee and Jonny Tanner formed their music group in 2014, meeting one another while attending UVU and playing their first shows on campus. Though studying different subjects, the band ultimately decided to come together to create music that is inspiring and powerful without restricting themselves to one certain style or genre.

Seth Dunshee says, “We really want our fans to have their own specific interpretations of our music and lyrics, so we try not to be overly specific about just what we’re feeling, but we want the passion of our honesty to be there.”

Though a relatively new band, Foreign Figures understands what it takes to make it in the industry. They emphasize fan relations, engaging live performances, expressive lyrics, and unique sound production.

Band member Jonny Tanner stresses the power that a live show can possess. “Live shows are where Foreign Figures really shine and can make a mark in the industry,” he says. “We will always be progressing and trying to bring a captivation and an engagement to people that will help motivate a change. I hope seeing the shows will create a place in the fans’ lives where they are able to feel harmony and acceptance. Authenticity is the key to what we do.”

With recent recognition emerging from the release of their singles, Foreign Figures signed with KnightVision Records, a subset of the Warner Music Label.

Through KnightVision, the band has released numerous singles including “The Fever” and “Reign”, two songs that have scaled music charts both nationally and internationally and will be included on their upcoming EP.

Dunshee recognizes how the band is still able to stay independent and release the music they want to, saying, “We signed with the label after they listened to our song ‘Heart of Gold.’ They reached out to us, and we were able to sign three songs to the label without signing over Foreign Figures.”

The EP is set to release at the end of July 2018 with two more songs soon to be released.

The band emphasizes the EP expresses a general message of passion and dedication. However, each track is still strong enough to stand on its own, and each carries its own weight and meaning.

These songs cover a wide range of human experience, encapsulating emotion that describes feelings of defeat, doubt and exclusivity in “Reign”, while still delivering sincere lyrics and empowering vocals in “The Fever” to create a feeling of hope and liberation.

“The Fever” has gained recognition as its hypnotic melodies and seething lyrics are translated into an intense music video. Members of the band can be seen in different scenarios perpetually followed by a man in a gold mask.

The video encourages ideas of breaking free from the societal pressure to fit into a certain mold while uncovering literal and figurative masks to discover identities. It’s filmed in a way that is both powerful and understated, allowing the viewer to place themselves into each scenario and conceptualize the lyrical content and sound for themselves.

The band continues performing their nuanced and heartfelt songs across the country. They’ve played alongside well-known acts such as Smallpools, Lukas Graham and X Ambassadors. Foreign Figures plan on touring the West Coast upon the release of the Overzealous EP.

While their songs have begun to reach broader audiences and their tours cover wider areas, the band has still preserve their humility. They acknowledge the importance of remembering their roots and recognizing the significance of working in harmony with one another.

Tanner understands the value of being unified as a group while still maintaining their separate identities. He describes the music group as, “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; they’re synergetic and together they can conquer anything. They’re strong on their own, but they still need their team.”

“We have special and unique talents that create a hybrid sound. One thing I think sets us apart is that we are all really good vocalists, we all are good songwriters. There’s no one that takes a backseat in Foreign Figures,” Dunshee says.

As Foreign Figures begins to tour and perform their anticipated new album around the West Coast, they will also be playing two shows in Utah on August 24 and 25 at the Kilby Court venue in Salt Lake City.