10 spooky songs your Halloween playlist needs

Vintage gramophone image by pixabay

The leaves are falling, pumpkins litter the street, and suddenly you’re running into black cats? This means only one thing: Halloween is just around the corner. But before you get pumped up on Thriller or the Monster Mash, here are 10 unique, bizarre, and spooky songs you need to add to your playlist.

  1. Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs With deep house beats and disturbing lyrics about alchemy, you’ll need this tune for your next dance party. Try instead of Thriller.
  2. Ghost by Jacob Tillberg Fast paced, it’s another electronic party tune with melancholic lyrics that will haunt you. Try instead of Ghostbusters.
  3. Ghost Town by The Specials This spooky ska (precursor of reggae) tune with minor organ and trumpet playing will give you chills. Try instead of Zombie Jamboree.
  4. I Was A Teenage Werewolf by The Cramps Ever listened to punk rock from a teen werewolf talking about his origin story? Try instead of Werewolves of London.
  5. Spooky by Dusty Springfield A groovy tune from 1968 featuring the tambourine, saxophone solos, and dreamy vocals you can try instead of Witchcraft.
  6. Castin’ My Spell by Johnny Otis An upbeat classic from the 1950s with maracas, this song is about a wild hunt of ingredients (like black cats and cave bats) in order to cast a spell. Try instead of Love Potion Number 9.
  7. Witchy Woman by The Eagles You’ll find yourself spellbound with heavy guitar riffs and a chantable chorus about a witchy woman. Try instead of Abracadabra.
  8. The Zombie Song by Stephanie Mabey This zombie’s electronic love story for the last man alive rivals the Twilight saga. Try instead of Spooky Scary Skeletons.
  9. Madhouse by Little Mix Creepy children’s mixed laughter and frantic beats, this song is all about escaping a madhouse. Try instead of The Monster Mash. 
  10. Monster by Imagine Dragons Perhaps the most terrifying, this tune is about trying to escape the monster inside. Try instead of Psycho Killer.

Happy Halloween!


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