Who are those people in the green outfits?

The Green Man Group drum line will perform at every basketball game this season. Shane Maryott/UVU Review

If you have not attended any of the men and women’s basketball games this season, you have missed the newest addition: The Green Man Group.
They are the ones in the green outfits banging on the drums in the MAWL section.

The Green Man Group is a drum line created by UVUSA Student Life made up of 10 UVU students, two female and eight male.

“I’ve been trying to get this going for the last couple years,” said Bob Rasmussen, Dean of Students and Asst. VP of Student Life. “I was a drummer back in the day and know what kind of excitement it can bring to a crowd.”

The drum line is made up of two cymbals, three snare drums, one quad player and four bass players.

Also part of the creation of the Green Man Group, and a member himself (center snare and director), was Clint Pulver, former Executive Vice President of UVUSA.
Pulver crossed over from student government into the Green Man Group and is now the center snare and director, a choice he made with this in mind: “Do what you love, create a legacy, be significant. That’s really what helped me make the change,” said Pulver.

Although the idea has been in the works for quite some time, it started to come together in mid-November last semester.

“We had about a month to get ready for the halftime show we performed at the USU game,” said Pulver.

Amazingly, some of these members had no experience with the drums before last November, including two of Pulver’s roommates.

“We’d stay up late in our apartment teaching them and helping them learn the bass parts, how to do runs, and technique,” said Pulver. “A lot of late nights in the apartment banging on the couches with our drum sticks.”

With this being its first year, both Rasmussen and Pulver hope the Green Man Group will be something that will carry over and continue.

“It’ll be here to stay for hopefully a very long time. We want it to develop into something that UVU is known for and it’s already developing into that,” said Pulver. “The fans come up to us, they tell us how much they love it, that they come to the games because of it, they love the halftime shows, they love the energy that it brings.”

It is also hoped that the drum line will be able to perform at more than just the UVU basketball games.

“There’s a lot of opportunity to perform throughout the community and showcase the UVU students and talent,” said Rasmussen. “My hope would be that it could be an ongoing tradition from here on out and something to be known for.”

2 thoughts on “Who are those people in the green outfits?

  1. I can’t even say enough about the Green Man Band, how much more exciting they make the games, and how much they pep up the crowd at every game. Every game I go to I hope they’re gonna be there and look forward to their performance and spirit. I think they are already an invaluable asset to UVU athletics, and have already become an icon of UVU. I think their presence at UVU has been long overdue and hope they are never phased out as that would leave a huge void for everyone at those events. GO GREEN MAN BAND AND YOU WOLVERINES!!!

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