Week 1 picks recap

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Exciting weekend leads to some upsets

Kyle McDonald | Sports editor | @kylesportsbias

After Ohio State finally decided to take control in the second half against Virginia Tech on Monday night, it is time to take a look back at our first week of college football picks.  The correct picks are in blue.

Final Week 1 Picks

For the students, Jared Schlenker gets to stay on the board for week two as he went 6-1 this week.  He was fortunate that the Mangum-Matthews Miracle happened for BYU and that Boise State was able to hold on against Pac-12 foe Washington.  He also picked an upset by going with Texas A&M over 15th-ranked Arizona State.  He will get a chance to pick again and see if he can stay on the board in week two.

People might not believe this but they can look at the picture that we posted earlier in the week of who picked who.  I took home the best record of the week for the sports writers as I went a perfect 7-0.  I even picked 65 points as did Jared which was one point shy of the point total between Ohio State and Virginia Tech.  I went with Utah taking down Michigan and then I was fortunate that BYU pulled off a miracle too.  It was a good week and now it’s on to week two to see who can make the best picks.