Unfinished business

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The 2012 baseball season ended in disappointment for the Wolverines. Their hopes had been crushed and they were forced to watch the NCAA tournament on TV.

by Preston Olson-3The Wolverines finished with the most wins in the NCAA (47), won 32 straight games (40 out of 41), beat then-No. 4 Arizona and were crowned regular season and tournament champions of the Great West Conference. The NCAA tournament committee apparently didn’t see enough, which prevented the Wolverines from playing in June.

“Well, it was gut-wrenching; it’s the worst thing I’ve been a part of,” said Head Coach Eric Madsen. “After such a great year and then having to deal with that, it’s just a disappointment. In reality it is what it is. It was unjustifiable, and there wasn’t anything anybody could say other than it turns into politics and people make all the reasons they want, but they’re all refuted.”

By Kyle Spencer

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