Brookelyn Campbell quarterbacks Wolverines

Brookelyn Campbell calls out a play setting up the Wolverine offense. The sophomore from Gilbert, AZ, has become a versatile setter by making her mark in the assists, blocks and digs columns. Photo by Mike Fackrell/UVU Review

There are a number of reasons a student has a motive to play a sport. They might gain motivation, learn discipline, strive to succeed or maybe they just need some extra kick to get through a 15 credit-hour school week.


For sophomore Brookelyn Campbell, it’s a little bit of everything.


The setter from Gilbert, Ariz. came to UVU last year on a scholarship to play for the women’s volleyball team and has shown versatility as a setter beyond just setting up her middles for kills.


That was evident Monday night as the women’s volleyball team earned a 3-1 victory while hosting nationally ranked Boise State University.


“I kind of like being the underdog,” Campbell said. “It’s more exciting when you win a game that you shouldn’t have been expected to win.”


Campbell accounted for three kills, nine digs and two aces along with her expected assists.


“The setter is kind of like the quarterback. You need to be involved,” Campbell said. “You’re involved in every play. To be able to block, serve, set and dig is an important job as a setter.”


Wolverines head coach Sam Atoa described Campbell’s serving abilities as aggressive and complimented her sets to the middle blockers.


“When she’s got it going at the net offensively, I feel like she really does set a good game,” Atoa said.


After starting as a setter for three years in high school, Campbell decided to come and play for UVU after observing the volleyball program and being satisfied with what she saw.


“I liked the way the coaches work together,” Campbell said. “The things they had to offer and just the atmosphere here.”


Now the volleyball team is happy with what Campbell has to offer them. In a sport where kills (points) are pivotal, Campbell has captured an ability to view her success in a different light, as the setter is not typically a high-scoring position.


“When the hitters are successful, it makes me feel like I helped them do that,” Campbell said. “Our middles, they’re unstoppable.”


That feeling of success is reassuring when the program has hitters like Lindsay Barker and Chelsey Heaps, to name a few. The setter is expected to have a strong giving attitude, which is what makes Campbell successful as that attitude is a trait she exemplifies on and off the court.


Campbell describes her attitude as a person and a player as “motivating.” She has been involved with volunteering her time to teach children in early development stages; and is also majoring in elementary education with plans to pursue a career in speech pathology.


When Campbell sets up a hitter on the court, she encourages the hitter to make something of that set;. Volleyball has motivated her with that same attitude off the court as she explains her enjoyment in encouraging people to do good in their lives, a great attribute for the elementary education major.


“[Volleyball] teaches me to be on top of things,” Campbell said. “It teaches me life lessons that I would have never learned by not playing.”

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