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McPherson Shines On UVU Track & Field

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Dustan Copeland | Sports Writer | @dustycopey

Michael McPherson is a down to earth guy. On the surface, he’s just a friendly dude from a small town in Colorado, but, on the track, McPherson is a beast.

The senior out of Chaparral Parker High School (Parker, CO) made history at UVU last year, becoming the school’s first D1 Track & Field All-American after placing 16th at the NCAA outdoor championships and being the only UVU Track & Field athlete to make it to the national meet that year. Currently, McPherson is ranked 18th nationally. Though one must be ranked in the top 16 nationally to qualify for the championships and Pan American games. He did it once so he should have a decent shot at doing it again.

“That’s a goal of mine,” McPherson said. “I want to compete in the Pan American games this year. I’ll be working hard to make it. It’s still early in the season, so I have a lot of time to work my way up the rankings.”

McPherson was ranked as high as 3rd this season. With 3 1/2 months to go until the NCAA Outdoor Championships, there will be plenty of time to work his way back up the to the top. It’s not as far of a climb for his this year as it was last year, so with his hard work and support of his family, teammates, coaches, and friends it’s hard to not see him accomplishing his goal.

Though recruited by schools like New Mexico and Colorado State, McPherson wanted to come to Utah for school. “I’ve always wanted to go to school in Utah. I’m LDS, and I thought it would be nice to be in this culture. UVU offered me a scholarship, so I came here.”

It has turned out to be a great choice for McPherson for more ways then one and he fully agrees. “UVU has been treating me very well. I’ve had to work hard, but it’s really rewarding.”

There has never been anything wrong with a little hard work. Every athlete worth his salt knows that and McPherson is no exception. Hard work and dedication to the things you love to do are the only way to reach your goals and excel. With athletes like McPherson setting the bar and leading the way, the men’s track team is looking to big things this year.

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