Come out and support UVU athletics

Photo by Shane Truskolaski

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Photo by Shane Truskolaski

One of the best parts about being a student at UVU is the opportunity to support the wide array of athletic programs on campus. Having been a student at UVU for a while now, I’ve noticed a growing trend of student involvement and attendance at our athletic events. With this coming year, we will have even more reasons to cheer on the athletes because of the recent changes and successes of our teams.

Arguably the most hyped program of this coming year is our men’s basketball team. The coaching staff is ready to start their second season here with a lot of recently acquired talent. Last year, even with an injury-stricken team, Coach Mark Pope was able to lead the Wolverines to exciting victories over teams such as Weber State (who ended up playing in the NCAA tournament). This year, with less injuries and even more talent, our men are set to take to the hardwood and show what they are capable of. If we can all rally around the team and come out and scream at games, I predict we will watch our boys go dancing come March.

Our soccer teams, both men and women, have also recently shown a lot of success. Top Drawer Soccer recently ranked the incoming recruiting class for our men’s team No. 12 in the nation. The incoming talent will only add to an already extremely talented squad. Last year, in only their second year of existence, our men’s soccer team became the first team at UVU to receive a national ranking. This was huge for the program and our successful season led us to receive an at-large bid into the NCAA tournament.

Like our men, our women’s program has also been successful. After winning the WAC tournament last year, we received a berth into the NCAA tournament. Both teams are back in action this fall where they hope to take the history made last year and build on it to create more history this year.

In the athletics office on campus, there is a space for all of the trophies our teams have received in the past few years. While there are already quite a few trophies, there is space for many more. As students, we can do our part to help fill that empty space by coming out and cheering all of our teams to victory. Our coaches and athletes are doing their part to bring success and we as students need to do ours. So leave your BYU, U of U, and any other college gear at home because you’re a Wolverine! Put on your green and come out and scream. Go, fight, UVU!

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  1. Awesome article. Haven’t we had national rankings in the past? Baseball, Lacrosse and Wrestling?

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