UVU police beat

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Sarah Roberts | Staff Writer | @itssarah_sr




Under the Influence:

Jan. 23– Officers responded to reports of an intoxicated male juvenile. The suspect was located and the intoxication was confirmed. The juvenile’s parents were contacted while he was assessed and released by paramedics.


Jan. 23– An officer found an intoxicated female lying on the ground in a parking lot. She was released to her parents.


Jan. 23– During the Wiz Khalifa concert, officers were notified of a woman who was intoxicated along with her juvenile son. Both were cited and then released to family members.


Illegal Substance:

Jan. 23– While patrolling the UCCU Center during the Wiz Khalifa concert, an officer received a report that someone was smoking marijuana in the men’s restroom. Police investigated the location but did not observe any criminal activity.



Jan. 23– A female student reported that an unknown student had been following her around campus for a few days. Officers responded and collected information.




Traffic Stops:

Jan. 22– After an officer stopped a car, he found the two female occupants both had warrants for their arrest. They were taken to the Utah County jail where it was discovered that one of them was in possession of an illegal substance.


Jan. 23– A driver was stopped by an officer after running a red light. The man had a warrant for his arrest as well as some marijuana, which he swallowed in an attempt to hide it from the officer.


Under Investigation:

Currently, Orem City detectives are investigating a case in which a man is suspected of “Doctor Shopping,” or requesting care from multiple physicians without their knowledge. This tactic is typically used by those seeking prescription medications.


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