UVU Campus new and reopening food options

For new and returning students everyone is curious about the new additions to campus, specifically the food options. With the construction around the UVU Sorenson Center Food Courte being finished students can enjoy nutritious substance all over campus. 

“I think the number one most important thing here is that as dining services at UVU we are here to provide a healthy option for all of our students and employees to eat while they’re here on campus,” said Eric Anderson, restaurant manager of Costa Vida and Papa Johns.

Restaurants open during the fall semester in the Sorenson Student Center on the second floor include; Chick-Fil-A, E.A.T.S., Panda Express and Sushi. Restaurants located on the first floor of the Sorenson Student Center are Costa Vida, Papa Johns and Cupbop. Coming soon are Aubergine Kitchen, Kolache Krave and Arby’s. 

Starbucks, a generally new addition to campus, is located within the campus store. Located in the Rebecca Lockhart Hallway are Subway, Taco Bell and Jamba Juice. Trades Café is located in the Gunther Technology building, Momma Fulton’s Cafe is located on the first floor of the library. Gurus is located in the first floor of the Classroom Building, two separate Scoops locations located in the Sorenson Center and the Classroom Building, Sodalicious is located in the in the first floor of the Scott C. Keller building and lastly Wendy’s is located in the Student Life building. 

“We’ve got a lot of busy lives. We’ve got school, we’ve got work. We want to provide that service to everyone here on campus to eat delicious healthy food at reasonable prices. And that is our mission,” said Anderson. “I want everyone to know, especially freshmen, if you’re looking for an opportunity to serve on campus as well, we are always looking for people who want to join our team and who have that service attitude.”

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