Utah kids club comes to UVU

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Katelyn Bello | Staff Writer | [email protected]


The founders and CEOs of the Utah Kids Club spoke at UVU Centre Stage on Tuesday, Feb. 3.

Cali Kellywood and Candy Skapple spoke as part of the Career Passport Lecture Series held by the Career Passport Program at UVU. They spoke on the founding and running of the Utah Kids Club and how to be successful running a business.

The Utah Kids Club is a nonprofit organization that Kellywood founded almost eight years ago. It is a club for families that live in Utah. Each family pays $12 a month to a hold a membership card. With this membership card, the families get discounts for all sorts of activities including bowling, mini golf, go-karts, swimming, laser tag, etc. The club has a monthly calendar that goes out listing special discounts as well as weekly emails from Kellywood.

Kellywood discussed the difficulties of starting up a business, and how she would hear things all the time about how “these kinds of things never last” and “after two or three months you’ll just give up.” Determined to prove the people that didn’t believe in her wrong, Kellywood took it as a challenge to have her business become successful.

Kellywood talked about how although it may seem hard at first, making a list of things to accomplish will help things come together step by step.

“You need to be flexible on your dream, because if you aren’t opportunities will pass you by and go and find someone else,” said Kellywood

Skapple also discussed the importance of networking.

“You’ve got to have the relationships to build the business,” said Skapple.

Today the Utah Kids Club has over 45,000 members, and is continually growing and becoming more and more successful.

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