Summer fun, in the classroom

Summer semester can be a great time to take classes. Not only does it offer a way to speed up graduation, but there are people on campus which can make it a more relaxing atmosphere. On top of this there is also a great variety of classes offered that can be fun, educational and sometimes very unique. Here are some interesting options to consider.

Desert Natural History
Catherine Stephen, T. Heath Ogden, Daniel Stephen and Renee Van Buren

The deserts of southern Utah are a popular summertime destination. This class will give students the opportunity to spend time exploring this area while providing them with information about different aspects on desert life. The course is co-taught by several professors from the science department, each of whom will be able to provide facts about their areas of interest. This class will meet twice on campus (May 10 and 12) followed by two weeks spent at the Capitol Reef Field Station.

Paint Your Own Car
CRT 100R
Norman Cox or Lonnie Wilson

It is always a bonus to have something to show for a class other than a grade. This class promises students a way to show off all their hard work. For this course, students can bring in their own cars and use proper techniques learned in class to paint them.

Writing Natural History
Scott Hatch
Prerequisites: ENG 1010 or 2020

This class combines the love of being in nature with reading and writing. Curriculum includes reading select works from authors such as Emerson, Thoreau, and Edward Abbey, as well as writing and reviewing manuscripts written by classmates. This class also includes two overnight field trips: one in the lower desert country and one in the higher alpine country. These trips will allow students to study in a natural setting and explore how we fit into it.

Hip Hop Dance 1
DANC 1519
Chelsea Ellis

Not looking forward to sitting at a desk all summer? This class will get students up and moving using popular music to explore different hip hop styles and moves. This class not only provides a great way to get some exercise, but will also teach  some new moves for those summer dance parties.

From Mozart to Michael
HUM 2020
Steven Hall

Music has long been a distinguishing point in the defining of a society or culture. Certain ideals and viewpoints can be seen through the styles and lyrics. This course will look at the intellectual history of the Western world and how these transitions can be seen through the music of the time, from the early 1600s to today. This course offers a great way to fill a humanities distribution credit.

Group Guitar 1
MUSC 1170
Justin Leslie

One of the most popular summertime activities is the late night campfires, and nothing goes along with a campfire quite like the sound of an acoustic guitar. This class teaches students the basics of popular guitar playing styles that can provide a great start for developing this talent.

The Self/The Other
PHIL 492R/ HUM 320R
Alex Caldiero and Wayne Hanewicz

A person can be broken down into two parts: “The self,” the known or central personality and identity, and “the other.” the unknown or subconscious part of oneself. This class will explore how these two notions work together or how they conflict by looking at music and text along with several theories and philosophies. This class promises to be a mind-opening experience, so students should come prepared to ask themselves if they are really ready to know this information or if they’d rather live in peaceful ignorance of these ideas.

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