Student Voice forum raises common scheduling issues

UVU Student Association’s latest Student Voice forum focused on students’ struggles with class scheduling Tuesday at Center Stage.

The forum provided students with an opportunity to voice their concerns and specific issues to a panel of faculty and staff who work on scheduling committees and in related offices. Many department chairs also attended and spoke up to answer questions.

The issues ranged from the location assignments of certain classes, the availability of afternoon and evening classes for non-traditional students and the possibility of weekend classes. The most discussed topic was the availability of courses offered only once per semester affecting students’ graduation track.

Students were repeatedly encouraged to bring issues with classes and scheduling to their academic advisors and department heads whenever possible. Many departments decide their own class schedules and availability based on the needs of their students, faculty and equipment rather than UVU making those decisions as an institution.

David Finley, a freshman computer science major, felt that the panel was receptive and understanding but expressed concern about solutions.

“Some of the ways they answered made me concerned that a lot of these questions are going to be lost in the bureaucracy,” he said.

Several other students expressed similar concerns, saying that knowing the causes of their issues didn’t help resolve their scheduling problems.

However, Director of Program Completion Tiffany Evans was confident the students’ issues could be resolved and would be addressed soon. According to Evans, forums like this are a great way for students to bring attention to problems they have. She also said that those on the panel took the concerns very seriously.

Evans also pointed to the faculty senate, which she said would be addressing some of the topics raised after the forum.

“I assure you something will come of this,” she said. “No question in my mind.”

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