Starting with a clean slate

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With only a handful of returning student leaders, UVUSA student body officers are hopeful and ready to take on the 2012-2013 academic year with a myriad of new faces and fresh ideas.

“I am very impressed with the variety of students we have on council this year,” said Chad Workman, UVUSA student body president. “It’s new blood, it’s new ideas, and I’m really excited because we have a lot of people from all around campus this year. It adds a lot to our student government.”

After years of stagnation, this year’s UVUSA team has plans to infuse new concepts into existing programs around campus.

Beginning this fall, UVUSA will implement an updated Academic Senate system where student senators will be available to meet with UVU students within the schools and departments they are representing.

“We’re very aware that a lot of things need to change,” said Erin Haskell, UVUSA vice president of academics. “If we can get ourselves out there and among the students, then we’re creating a new atmosphere where students can actually come and talk to us. I don’t think that’s been like that before.”

One major objective that UVUSA officers have this year is to increase accessibility to student leadership.

“I think we’re really all on the same page where we’re not trying to set ourselves above the students in any way,” Haskell said. “The last thing we want to do is become an untouchable entity on campus.”

In addition to breaking down barriers, the Student Life and Activities Branch hopes to deliver new activity ideas that are also budget-conscious for all UVU students.

“My branch has been really excited about doing different something that’s geared to students that don’t have a lot to do during the summer, making an atmosphere that students can thrive in and feel like they’re getting their money’s worth,” said Clara Lefevre, UVUSA vice president of student activities. “Maybe in the past we’ve done minimal instead of going all out.”

By Mallory Black

Assistant News Editor

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  1. Last year had a grand total of 6 returning UVUSA members. While I am excited to see this new group show what they can do, in reality they aren’t going to completely re create the wheel here.

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