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Given our school’s history as a trade/vocational school, would you be pleased to see it transition toward more of an arts-focused school? Why or why not? Please state if there is some other direction you would prefer to see our school take.

I would say that having a few art programs added to the curriculum wouldn’t be a bad idea. It would be nice to not only study and prepare for the jobs we’ll eventually be doing, but to also appease the interests that we may have on the side when we’re not working. I doubt that a nurse only cares about their profession and that’s it; I’m sure they might have an opera streak in them that they indulge when they have spare time. An arts program could greatly improve upon this thought, not to mention the career opportunities it provides by its own standing. I’m for it. -Aaron Wilson

I think that a performing arts center would be a splendid idea (if it receives approval and funding). There is no reason why UVSC/UVU should not reach its full potential, as long as funding is available to help pay for it. A performing arts building will certainly open a plethora of options for those who have chosen this as their major. It will also make more room in the LA building. As far as UVSC being an arts-focused school, I don’t see a problem with that, since everything they teach has at least one thing to do with "arts" in some way or another.

So, I think that both ideas are worth taking into consideration. However, one thing that I would like to see change (and every other student can agree with me) is either a drop in tuition, bill and fee costs; or just simply find a way to not to have tuition shoot straight through the roof (as many are anticipating).

Anyway, the idea is great. Interesting blog; it is well put together. -Robert Jones

It may not be what the school was set up for, but I think a school focused on the arts would be a fresh, new look to go along with our fresh, new name. Plus, the shift in the focus would set us apart from other major schools in the state, and who the hell doesn’t want a little more of that!?! -David Lewis

Well, our school is definitely not sports focused. We are known as a trades school. It could be good to add arts to the resume that is UVU. -Merinda Pearce

I look forward to my alma mater becoming not just a degree mill, but a center for social dialogue, progressive research and arts funding. The new performing arts center is one of the many steps I hope UVU will take in order to continue down that road. -Eleanor Cleverly-Takahashi

It would be nice for us theater people to have somewhere to go. -Keyra Kristofferson

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