Staff Infection: What would make you reasonably suspicious that someone is an illegal immigrant?

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“You know, the usual tell-tale signs: fanny-pack, poorly folded map, souvenir t-shirt – clearly not from around here. If I were Arizona, I’d check mostly at the Grand Canyon.” – John-Ross Boyce, assistant features editor

“Anyone who cannot claim descent from a Native American tribe could be argued to be an illegal immigrant, in reality.” – Jessica Burnham, copy editor

“I’d put my money on any new neighbors from Arizona.” – Lindsey Linge, copy chief

“Sombreros.” – Matt Petersen, assistant sports editor

“Linguistic abnormalities, such as pronouncing ‘man’ as ‘mang.’” – Rob Steffen, senior video producer

“Don’t all illegal immigrants wear some sort of badge? Star-of-David style?” – Mel Sundquist, features editor

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