Spring registration has sprung

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Spring registration began Monday, Oct. 25. While many students choose to wait until the beginning of the semester to register, with constantly growing numbers, many academic advisors are encouraging students to register early in order to get into the classes they need and want.

For those looking for an elective or even just an interesting class, the UVU Review staff has put together a list of classes that have caught our interest, and perhaps they will just thing to slip into upcoming spring schedules.

To find more exciting classes to enroll in, check out the course catalog at http://www.UVU.edu/catalog/

To register, students can sign into their UVLink account, click on “Registration Menu,” then “Add/Drop Classes.” From there, students can enter the course numbers for their desired and required courses and before they know it, spring will be here and classes will begin.

Here are some exciting courses and there are many, many more. These descriptions and more can be found in the course catalog

ANTH 3220 Women, Food and the Body MWF 2:00-2:50
Instructor: Joylin Namie
This class studies the complicated relationships between food and women’s bodies. Students will examine how food affects women physically, economically, socially and culturally, from women’s roles as food bearers to controversies surrounding breastfeeding.

ANTH 4200 Biology of Religion M 5:00-7:30
Instructor: Mark E. Jeffreys
Biologists and life scientists are beginning to understand the physical nature of religious behaviors and beliefs. This class will use an interdisciplinary perspective to explore those biological effects.

ENGL 276R Themes in Literature: Heavy Metal MWF 12:00-12:50
Instructor: Stephen Fullmer
This class will apply a critical literary lens to the Heavy Metal genre.

ENGL 373R Literature of Cultural Places: Propaganda TR 2:30-3:45
Instructor: Gae Lyn A. Henderson
This class will explore the development and use of propaganda as a literary genre.

GEO 4080 Petrology TR 1:00-2:15
Instructor: William Dinklage
Examines mineral equilibrium in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks as it pertains to the genesis of these rocks. Introduces students to techniques of petrographic microscopy. Surveys the use of analytical tools in researching igneous and metamorphic rocks, including the use of isotopes for dating and for tracing the origin of magma and the use of the electron microprobe for determining temperatures of metamorphism. Examines the diagenesis of sandstones.

HIST 3010 The Nature of History MWF 3:00-3:50
Instructor: Lyn Bennett
Utilizes a variety of resources to build upon historical research and writing learned in previous history courses, and includes an examination of historiography and the philosophy of history. Expands research skills in primary and secondary sources, critical thinking, historiographic analysis and comparative history. May select a thesis topic for history thesis writing. May identify an additional instructor to assist their research and writing project. Topics and emphases will vary to include American and non-American themes.

PSY 3420 Learning Memory and Cognition MWF 1:00-1:50
Instructor: Trevor Morris
Introduces students to the core concepts of learning, memory and cognition. Includes classical and operant conditioning, modal model of memory and higher cognitive processes. Explores animal as well as human research.

REC 1527 Rock Climbing I T 1:00-4:20
Instructor: Paul Stein
Teaches basic rock climbing skills to the beginning rock climber. Includes knot tying, belaying, rappelling, top-rope anchors and site management, beginning lead climbing and rescue techniques.

ZOOL4100 Parasitology TR 2:30-3:45 and a required lab on T 4:00-5:50
Instructor: James Jensen
Introduces the study of parasites. Emphasizes the biology of principal groups of parasites affecting humans and livestock, including their medical and economic significance.

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