Scarves: The accessory that keeps on giving

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Scarves are the one fashion accessory that never seem to go out of style. They are worn globally year round. Scarves have proven to be good for more than warmth, they are a statement of fashion worn by both males and females. They are very affordable and can even be made using a simple piece of fabric. Being quite the versatile accessory, there are numerous ways to wear a scarf. With so many scarves in the world and so many occasions to don one, it’d be a shame to sport it the same way every time. Check out these suggestions for a few diverse methods to wear a scarf:



  1. Fold scarf in half and wrap around neck
  2. Take one end and pull through loop
  3. Twist loop and pull the other end through
  • Pretzel
  1. Drape scarf around neck
  2. Cross both ends and through back
  3. Grab opposite ends, bring forward to pull through loop




  1. Drape scarf backwards around neck
  2. Take opposite ends and pull forward
  3. Take ends to side and tie a bow




  1. Drape scarf around your neck
  2. Take one side and wrap around twice
  3. Take both loose ends and pull through bottom loop

An inexpensive accessory that will serve many purposes and is fit for several occasions, a scarf is a must-have accessory in every person’s closet.

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