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At UVU’s Women’s Resource Center, advocacy is the central philosophy. Peggy Pasin, coordinator at the WRC, directs and assists both women and men struggling to fully evaluate their options financially, academically and personally.

“I schedule a one-to-one interview and discuss any concerns with the client,” Pasin said. “The WRC helps the client think through options and refine their understanding of how resources on and off campus may help them be successful.”

Students may not always know how to access resources to succeed at school, such as getting the help they need in the math lab or making a study plan for a difficult class.

A lot of attention is devoted to working with women undertaking the difficult task of reentering the life of a student while balancing a job and parental responsibilities. Some students deal with financial concerns, as well as personal ones such as domestic violence. Many women are not aware of the options available to help address these educational barriers.

The WRC evaluates the needs of students while keeping their personal information confidential. They can also direct students to financial aid or health services in the community.

Pasin states that the goal of the WRC is CARE: Connection, Advocacy, Resources and Encouragement. This helps students understand their options and reach their potential.

For more information about their services, contact the WRC can at 863-8080.

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