New student ID app idea built by students

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Whether students send a text is sent to let someone know they’ll be late for dinner, or play Angry Birds out of sheer boredom, many students at UVU admit to being distracted by technology in class.


When it comes to which app is most common in class, each student has a favorite. The following are some of their answers:


“Game boy app”

-Bradford Sayre


“Temple run”

-Tyler Lehman


“I don’t really have one favorite, it changes every day”

-Ryan Eberly



-Seth Thompson


“I don’t have a smart phone”

-Kaleb Christenchen


“I use Evernote a lot, and the canvas app, and I use calendar. Also I like LinkedIn and Twitter”

-Trent Ewing


“I use the CNN app for Ethics and Values class”

-Mark Wilkinson


Ewing and Wilkinson are taking the 3170 Entrepreneurship class, where they are involved in the planning stages of making an app for UVU. They are organizing an app to replace student ID cards and spent some of last week collecting donations from students.


“Our goal is to get our idea off the ground. Talking to people we have almost 100 percent approval rate,” Ewing said. “The main problem students have is that 43 percent don’t have smart phones.”


Although not every student has a smart phone, there are many advantages to the app idea, including financial ones. It costs $65,000 to support just the cost of computer space and logistics, with an additional $8,000 for the physical cards.


“There is also a $15 cost every time you lose your card,” Ewing said.


With the many benefits and options available, it’s easy to see why students are excited about the idea.


“We want it to eventually include bus passes, and possibly starving student cards.”


By Tiffany Thatcher
Asst. News Editor

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  1. Hi,

    This article was awesome! I am actually doing a research project for school and was wondering if you would help me answer a few questions. I was wondering if Ewing or Wilkinson ever launched their student ID app idea? If so I would love to contact them to further talk about their business venture. Thank you so much!

    Trevor Joy,

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