To the Editor:

David Newlin’s March 2 editorial regarding a funding request by the Wee Care Center to student government contains information that I wish to clarify in order to avoid any misunderstanding. In Mr. Newlin’s opening statement, he indicated that there was a “problem with the grant” that funds Wee Care. As the administrator who supervises the grant, and without going into detail, the problem was an accounting error that was made a year ago which carried over to the current year. The error was not on the part of the university, nor was it the responsibility of student government to correct the error. A presentation was made to student government to see if they would be interested in supplementing Wee Care’s grant funds. For a variety of reasons, UVU’s student government decided not to increase student fees to supplement Wee Care services at this time. It may be inaccurate to suggest that student government does not care about this issue and the Wee Care Center.

Wee Care will continue to move forward and make adjustments as necessary to provide the best possible care to the 316 children and 226 UVU student parents it serves. Wee Care intends to develop a strategic plan for UVU child care for the coming years.

Carol Verbecky,

Senior Director, Turning Point