Kindle Fire HD vs. Google Nexus 7

Amazon is releasing a new Kindle in October. How does it stack up to the competition?

These days, the tablet market is flooded with choices. Amazon is set to release a new tablet, the Kindle Fire HD this month. The device faces some stiff competition with Google’s Nexus 7, but which one is better for you?

Looking at the specifications for each device, they are similar. The Nexus 7 edges out the Fire HD in terms of pure processing power, but aside from that, they are too close to call a clear winner.

The real difference between these contenders is the content you will be able to get on each device.

Starting with what a consumer can get on the Nexus, Google has given the Nexus 7 a clean Android OS. It currently runs on Android 4.1, without any modifications to it, like the Fire HD. This allows it access to the full run of Android Apps. This is where the Nexus shines. It’s unfettered access to apps is a clear positive. Though its lack of content in terms of books and movies leaves a little to be desired.

Where the Nexus fails in content, the Fire pulls through. With access to your Amazon library wherever you can find Internet, the Fire provides consumers with as much content as they can stream. The Fire has access to anything in your Amazon library, and it doesn’t require any space on your device to use it.

It doesn’t just come down to just the Nexus or the Fire, but these two options are considered the best in class by many. It comes down to what you prefer, consuming content, or having the power of a lot of applications. It’s what you, as the consumer, want: streaming or applications.

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  1. But I thought there was a Kindle Android app, which runs on the Nexus. If so, what you say about lack of content on the Nexus 7 cannot be entirely true?

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