Higher education information has a new home

The new information source for furthering your education is HigherEdUtah.org. Moving from its old home at utahsbr.org the site has both a new look and approach. The site’s focus is on ease of use and the utilization of social media such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

“That’s what’s most appealing to me about this site – it’s another avenue to tell our story,” said Chris Taylor, Associate Vice President of College Marketing and Communications.

The purpose of the site is to provide students the necessary academic and financial preparation to further their education in Utah. It will help keep people updated on events and accomplishments from the state’s colleges and universities and will discuss subjects that effect higher education both nationally and locally. This source provides all who are interested with up-to-date news on events occurring in education throughout the state of Utah. The site contains blogs posted daily that discuss things such as financial aid deadlines and common federal student aid mistakes.

Combining efforts with companion sites such as UtahFutures.org, uesp.org and uheaa.org makes the site a well rounded source for all your education needs, concerns and inquiries. Students seeking information would benefit from browsing the site and its links. The site can advise students on anything from how to pay for school to career options.

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