Fulton Library undergoes renovations and opens for students

Despite renovations, the library is open to students and provides helpful resources

Inside the library students can find books to suit their many needs. Photo by Matthew Drachman

The Fulton Library is currently going through renovation efforts across campus. Despite the construction, most of the library’s resources continue to be available to students.

“We have a lot of resources [available to students],” said Danni Chesler, library aide for the circulation department. “We can check out books to you that are in the library, we also have reserve textbooks … which means we have textbooks that are available just for students for some of their classes for two hour checkouts … we also have the laptop checkouts; they check out for the whole semester … we also have a lot of other equipment as well.”

The library has scanning machines available to students, who can use it to scan pages of documents or textbooks that they need. Students are able to scan pages and email them to themselves from these machines. These are self-service machines and are available during library hours.

Additionally, the Fulton Library is host to The Writing Center which offers aid and tutoring for students to improve their writing on academic essays or other assignments.

“[It’s] great because it’s perfect for students who need help with papers or just any sort of writing project,” Chesler continued. “We also have our research librarians who help you pick out a research topic for [papers] you’re doing.”

Students can also get access to the library’s computer labs and printers. Each semester, students are given a $10 credit for printing, and it costs five cents for black and white and 20 cents for colored.

“These computers are very useful,” Guy French, a computer lab assistant, states. French has worked as a computer lab assistant since January of 2021. “The printers especially are useful. Even people with their own devices come in and print stuff off to turn into professors.”

“Make use of the resources on UVU’s campus.” French added as advice to freshman students. “When I started it was during COVID, so I wasn’t even on campus pretty much…These computers and the study resources that the library has are great resources for freshmen…There are multiple computer labs in UVU… and those are useful to all students.”

For more information on the Fulton Library and their services, visit their website.

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