Wolverines lose to Portland State and UC Riverside, defeat Pacific at Lynn Russell Miller Classic

The Wolverines pose after coach Thomson claims his first career win against Pacific (Photo courtesy of UVU Athletics).

Under new head coach Cody Thomson, the Utah Valley University softball team opened the 2022 season at the Lynn R. Miller Classic with a doubleheader against Portland State and UC Riverside on Friday, Feb. 11 and a third match against Pacific on Saturday, Feb. 12. The Wolverines lost to UC Riverside 1-13 and to Portland State 4-7 but won the third match against Pacific, 8-3.  

The Wolverines struggled in their first match against the Portland Vikings and lost by run rule in the 5th inning. Laynee Betancur scored the Wolverines only run after Madison Carr hit an infield single. In the second match of the day, the Wolverines fell to the UC Riverside Highlanders, despite Megan Gibb’s two RBIs, including her first career home run, and two more RBIs from Rien Milliken and Kyla Hardy. The Wolverines rallied after falling short in their previous matches and defeated the Pacific Tigers. Gibs led the way for the Wolverines again with 2 RBI and 3 runs.   

The Wolverines start off the season 1-2 and will be back in action Sunday, Feb. 13, against Portland State and Pacific. Included below are the full results from all three matches.

Against Portland

Utah Valley 1

CFCarr, Madison3011011
LFRebolledo, Linnah3010003
DPShepherd, Kalena1000200
PRHilton, Brynne0000000
1BThomson, Mikaela3000001
3BGibbs, Megan3010001
RFMilliken, Rien1000000
PRBetancur, Laynee0100000
RFOlsen, Karleigh1000001
2BHardy, Kyla2000010
CBarajas, Jaeden0000000
SSAlbritton, Danye2010000
PCarter, Brooke0000000
PHanny, Averi0000000

Portland State 14

2BThompson, Maddie5340002
RFMccrea, Kiara4111010
CLopez, Paetynn4312001
1BJohansen, Emily2412200
3BGarcia, Shea3110110
PRSmith, Neveah0000000
DPRiggenbach, Logan4132000
SSDean, Olivia4134000
CFCepeda, Alexa3012100
LFJohnson, Grace4011014
PHMartinez, Natalia0000000
PGrey, Olivia0000000
PGaona, Marisol0000000

Against UC Riverside

Utah Valley 1

CFCarr, Madison5000010
LFRebolledo, Linnah3120100
CShepherd, Kalena1110300
PRVasquez, Victoria0100000
1BThomson, Mikaela3020103
3BGibbs, Megan4112010
RFMilliken, Rien1011200
RFBetancur, Laynee1000000
2BHardy, Kyla3001015
DPBarajas, Jaeden4000013
SSAlbritton, Danye4000011
PBerger, Anna0000000

UC Riverside 7

SSBurk, Marissa4011001
LFWitt, Nadia4120001
1BOrtega, Max2100010
2BGarewal, Lauryn2200100
CFKela, Haylee3123011
DPMontuya, Kat3011000
3BPisia, Moana2111101
COwen, Janzten2000010
PHBrito, Leah0100100
RFBurdette, T.3000020
RFTroche, Ally0000000
PCasper, Megan0000000
PHeinlin, Maddie0000000
PBlanco, Briza0000000

Against Pacific 

Utah Valley 8

CFCarr, Madison4030102
LFRebolledo, Linnah4001101
DPShepherd, Kalena4110104
PRHilton, Brynne0100000
1BThomson, Mikaela3112111
3BGibbs, Megan4342000
2BHardy, Kyla2000000
RFMilliken, Rien3111102
PR/RFBetancur, Laynee0000000
CBarajas, Jaeden3011001
SSVasquez, Victoria2110100
SSPrigge, Peyton1000010
PZuniga, Katie0000000

Pacific 3

RFBudelli, Emily4140000
CFLucchetti, Carly4120000
SSDirmeyer, Rian4132000
DPHamilton, Reagan2000012
PH/DPDavis, Nina2000002
3BEck, Kyla4021000
1BScully, Delaney3010000
CDazell, Emma3010000
LFFabian, Marissa2000011
PHStrong, Vanessa1000001
2BLinker, Natalie2000000
2BEnriquez, Nikki1000000
PHammer, Bethany0000000
PAponte, Amiyah0000000
PCroxall, Avery0000000

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