What UVU club to join

There are many clubs at UVU, and students who join them have an enriched college experience.

In my opinion, going through school without participating in a club, would be a complete shame. Clubs are a huge part of the college experience and create opportunities for great friendships and common interests.

At the beginning of my freshman year, I had a room mate named Kim Blackburn who told me to sign up for every club. Blackburn knew how to do college, and this was her advice.

“If you get on all of the email lists, you can get more free food,” Blackburn said.

She was right about the food, but in addition to the food, I gained exposure to many things. By signing up for clubs, I discovered a passion I had and in an unlikely place.

I have now participated in Rugby, African culture, yoga, international club and more. Although I didn’t fit into those groups very well, I think that was the point. My advice to all students is to break free. If you’re not in high school, you are allowed to branch out and connect with obscure things. How else will you know what you like?

I found that I am passionate about culture. Now I love learning about people and places that I don’t understand initially. I also had amazing opportunities.

At UVU I would suggest joining all of the clubs that interest you in some way or some amount. The easiest way to do this is to walk around at club rush. It is like shopping.

Club rush is an event that happens during one of the first weeks of school. During the day, there are tables set up representing the clubs available. There are so many clubs, so you are sure to find something that interests you, and if you don’t, you can start a new club.

I honestly don’t think I would have made it to my senior year if I didn’t seek social functions like clubs. Studying is great, but what is studying if you can’t have fun in between?

Some of the clubs on campus

African Club

Anti-Human Trafficking Club

Hip Hop Club

Saudi Students

Hong Kong Club

Spanish Language Club

Photogrpahy Club

Bass Fishing Club

Opera Club at UVU

Anime Club

Golf Club

Ultimate Frisbee

Pool Junkees

College Democrats

Wildlife Club

English Club

Psychology Club

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