Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s about that time again — February — and Valentine’s Day is knocking at the door. Make this year the best yet by getting the perfect gift for that significant other without ending up with an empty wallet and having settled  for purchasing the stereotypical presents of this hallmark holiday.

In this day and age, chocolate and a cheesy card purchased from the local Walgreens won’t cut it anymore. Gifts need to be both creative and meaningful.

Find something that is important to them and build on that. Consider what this lover likes that sets them apart, show them that you remember things they have said and be considerate towards what is happening in their life.

Making homemade gifts is never a bad idea. They’re perfect for showing that you care because of the time and work that was put into them, plus they’re creative and easier to make meaningful.

Put in the honest effort to make a nice old-school styled heart-shaped valentine or love letter instead of the store-bought card. Make baked goods instead of buying candy or make their favorite dinner instead of taking them to a fancy, overly expensive restaurant.

Some popular creative and unique low cost gift ideas are:

  • Get their favorite picture framed for them.
  • Get them a digital picture frame or key chain.
  • Make a scrapbook or flipbook.
  • Create a personal work of art, like a picture, painting, poem or musical number.
  • Make them a mix CD.
  • Compile a list of reasons you love them or are thankful for them.
  • Compile a journal of favorite experiences with them.
  • Compile a cook book for them.
  • Make them Love coupons or tokens.

The most popular unique and least expensive personalized purchased gift last year was personalized romantic fortune cookies. These can be found at and many other locations. You could even try to make them yourself.

Always remember to give them something you wouldn’t normally think about, something that they will be able to use or look at on a regular basis. Give something to them, or do something for them that would make their life easier. Remember this is the holiday to celebrate love; make sure to show it in your choice of gift.

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