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Internships can often be thought of as a test drive for the real work environment. Being an intern gives a student a first-hand look at what life in a particular job or with a specific company is like.

According to a 2009 study by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE), 44.6% of employers surveyed hired people from their internship programs. In a slowly recovering job market, becoming an intern can help many students find a job.

An internship is an opportunity for students to work for a company and garner experience that can be extremely beneficial in their future career.

Amber Collins, career counselor, said, “Students who do internships …  typically find it easier to find jobs when they graduate because they are trusted to already have the experience in their field. Instead of just the book learning, it’s hands-on practical experience.”

During an internship, the intern has the opportunity to make inside connections with individuals that can help find them a job. An internship gives students the experience and skills to become appealing to future employers. Including an internship in a resume can separate many individuals from the crowd.

Most internships are unpaid, but many degree programs offer college credit for the internship.

If interested in taking part in an internship, visit Career Services and Student Employment in LC 409.

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