Staff Infection: What are you afraid of?

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What are you afraid of?

Volde…. I mean He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. – Dave Iba, Editor-at-large

Republicans. That was easy. – Jennie Nicholls-Smith, Editor-in-chief

I fear most those whose intention it is to deceive. This is especially true in a relationship where trust is a vital component. This relates to all relationships be they political, spiritual, friendship or intimate. To me, truth is the basis of all valid connection. – Robbin Anthony, Office manager

Manmade global climate change. Thank god it’s only a myth. – Jordy Kirkman, Multimedia editor

Glenn Beck. – Meghan Wiemer, Features editor

I’m still afraid of the dark, so much so, I’m afraid of the dark for my son too … I’m also afraid of Twilight fans … who live in the dark. Aaaand afraid that my wife will see this as she’s a Twilight fan. – Loran Cook, Copy editor

I am afraid of failure, so I have to force myself to try new things and to stick with it, otherwise my fear would take over and I would become creepy and hermit-ish. – Jessica Burnham, Campus editor

If there is a God, Stephenie Meyer won’t write another book. Please, no .. no … – Matthew Jonaissaint, Asst. opinions editor

I have a phobia of animals, but people scare me, too. They can do far worse things than animals can. – Lindsey Linge, Culture editor

David Bowie. – Greg Wilcox, Web editor

Commitment! – Trent Bates, Photo editor

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