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Students can find an area that will accommodate their interests with the wide variety of programs available here.

This school  is known for its advanced curriculum, quality faculty and graduates who continue to learn and achieve throughout their careers. With upcoming changes in several departments and programs, the school offers the most unique and diverse atmosphere in Utah County.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences offer degrees in Behavioral Science, Communication, English and Literature, History, Integrated Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Secondary Education and more.

With several avenues to explore, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is dedicated to helping students with critical thinking and writing skills to support them in years to come.

The College of Science and Health offer degrees in Nursing, Biology, Dental Hygiene, Mathematics, Physical Recreation and more. Over the last few years, the Nursing and Dental Hygiene programs have grown extensively.

The College of Technology and Computing offer degrees in Aviation, Business and Marketing Education, Computer Science, Construction Management, Criminal Justice, Digital Media, Forensic Science as well as others.

The School of Education offers licenses in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Secondary Education and an early care certificate in Education.

The School of the Arts offers degrees in Art and Visual Communications, Dance, Graphic Design, Music, Theatre Arts, Photography and Design and Illustration.

The Advisory Board of the School of the Arts consists of  members that provide valuable counsel and assistance in creative areas of scholarly activity, development, fund raising and increased awareness among the community, thereby affecting the overall dynamic of UVU’s success in the community.

University College challenges students in their academic achievements. In addition to the following degrees and honors, the college is responsible for developmental mathematics and the library.

Interdisciplinary programs offer students various opportunities to engage in study and research that focus on complex problems by drawing upon several disciplinary tools. Programs include the Integrated Studies program, the Interdisciplinary Studies program, the Honors program, the Center of Study and Ethics and the Leadership certification program.

The Woodbury School of Business specifically offers an education that is developed by these qualities: faculty and student scholarship, quality instruction and student involvement, community outreach and engaged learning, integration and application of knowledge, social, ethical, cultural and global literacy.

This university offers a wide variety of programs that will fit with most student’s interests and goals. For further information on a particular field of study, visit our homepage at

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