Parking, a few tips for beginners

Reading Time: 2 minutes Parking on campus is a nightmare, but there are a few things you can do to make it better.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Parking on campus is a nightmare. With all the construction and the fact that parking is normally a chore when there isn’t construction, parking is not going to get any easier. Here are some helpful tips to help you know what to expect when parking on campus.

Finding parking isn’t easy, so leave your home early. Seriously, leave early. This isn’t a joke. Don’t assume you’ll find parking when you get here. Don’t think you’ll be one of the lucky ones, because chances are, you won’t. Leave at least twenty minutes early, and you’ll have time to drive around and find a spot.

If you can, leave as early as you reasonably can, then see what parking is like. If you think you can find a spot, you can try leaving later. Try it until you find the perfect balance between leaving late and still managing to get a decent spot. Don’t tempt fate however, that never ends well.

Now, when you’re in the lot looking for a spot, you’ll notice couple of behaviors: following people walking to their cars, and waiting for someone to leave their spot so another can take it. These aren’t bad, as long as you aren’t being a complete idiot about it.

For example, if you see someone getting in their car, and you wish to wait for their spot, pull to the side to let cars pass you, signal, and don’t honk at the person who is backing out. That’s just stupid, and yes, it happens.

If you see someone waiting for a spot, don’t take it from them. I know you’re in a hurry, because you didn’t leave early, but that doesn’t give you licence to be a complete tool.

It is a little creepy to drive slowly behind someone, hoping to get a good spot, but it’s not too bad. Like before, don’t be impatient about it. The person you’re creeping on doesn’t have to lead you to a spot, and chances are they won’t if you’re being a jerk. Just be patient and courteous.

If you’re leaving campus and you see a student in need of a spot, point them to where you are leaving. Just be helpful to ease the stress in the lot. I did that the other day to try it out, and I felt really good about myself afterward. If you don’t want to help others, at least do it to get a sense of self-satisfaction. It feels pretty good.

The best way I can explain this for drivers and pedestrians is just don’t be a jerk. It’s that simple. If you are an idiot, then you’ll just make others angry, and having a packed lot full of angry people has never worked out well for anyone. Well, maybe looters, but come on, do you want to be on their level?

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