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Trent Bates/ UVU Review

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Trent Bates/ UVU Review
Trent Bates/ UVU Review

Thinking of a vacation this summer? Looking to encounter attractive people? Eliecer Andres Trillos, a senior in International Business from Bucaramanga, Colombia, recommends his country as worthy of a summer visit and shares some of its most interesting features.

“Colombia is a country rich in nature. They have people that are friendly and an experience there will not be forgotten in a hurry,” Trillos said.

What are some of the places you would recommend for someone going on a vacation in Colombia?

Trillos: “San Andres Island is one place that visitors should not miss out on. It is located in northwest Colombia and its beach has seven colors. Cartagena is also a place that is very addictive. It is a historical site with lots of sightseeing places to behold such as castles, beaches and rich cultural treasures.”

Why is Colombia known for its attractive people?

Trillos : “When it comes to fashion, Colombian girls are very good with that … They are very beautiful, especially girls from Medellin. I would encourage guys to go out with them. They are simply amazing.”

What other aspects of Colombia might attract people?

Trillos: “Colombians are great dancers and have good music to accompany their dances, which creates entertainment to the highest degree. Dances and songs such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, and Vallenato are very indigenous and typical of Colombian music. Colombian artists are even winning Grammy awards such as Shikira, Juanes, Fonseca and Carlos Vives. My favorite song is by Vallenato titled “Me Gusta, Me Gusta,” meaning “I like it, I like it.”

How does food in Colombia differ from American food?

Trillos: “We have many fresh fruits in Colombia throughout the whole year because the weather is almost of the same year round. We eat many healthy foods such as bandeja paisa, which is a combination of bean, rice, beef, avocado, fried banana, arepas and morcilla. If you want to have a full taste of Colombian food, you should taste this; you will have a taste of different foods in just one dish. Bocadillo is a Colombian candy made from Guava and when mixed with white cheese and Caramel, it has an amazing taste. For snacks, we eat fried ants. It is like eating a peanut; it’s salty and has good flavor.”

If you are in the mood for adventure, and want to experience a culture full of beautiful traditions, consider Columbia as your next destination.

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