Chaffetz: The Nayonator

Rep. Chaffetz brings nothing new to the table for Utah, and invariably votes along party lines. Illustration by Jay Arcansalin/ UVU Review

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Rep. Chaffetz brings nothing new to the table for Utah, and invariably votes along party lines. Illustration by Jay Arcansalin/ UVU Review
Rep. Chaffetz brings nothing new to the table for Utah, and invariably votes along party lines. Illustration by Jay Arcansalin/ UVU Review

When you think about Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah District 3) what comes to mind? Perhaps his embarrassing outburst toward TSA officials. Maybe it’s his leg wresting match with Steven Colbert on “The Colbert Report.” If these events are all that you know about Chaffetz, you’re not alone.

Chaffetz isn’t known for pushing hard to get his legislation passed because he really hasn’t pushed hard for anything. If he is known, it’s for seeking attention from the media. Mr. Chaffetz, that’s not what we want from you. We want you to write bills that will benefit us in Utah. I’d rather have Rep. Rob Bishop over District 3, a congressman who looks out for his district and isn’t obviously in the House just so he can run for the Senate later.

Most people in Utah have never seen Chaffetz at work in D.C. As an intern in D.C. this past summer, I was able to accompany the Deputy Chief of Mission for Afghanistan to the hill to watch ongoing debates on Afghanistan. Chaffetz sat on that particular sub-committee and demonstrated his incontrovertible incompetence, stating absurdly that 95 percent of Afghanis are illiterate. The Deputy Chief leaned over and asked me who this guy was and where was he getting his information. Ashamedly, I told him that he was my congressman and was getting his information from nowhere.

This is one among many examples which demonstrate that Chaffetz too often speaks up and has no idea what he is talking about. But the general public doesn’t see this. Why? Because Chaffetz invites local leaders back to Washington D.C. and shows them a good time, gives them the tour of the Capitol and then they come home and tell the newspapers and T.V. reporters what a grand job he is doing.

In all honesty, Chaffetz brings nothing new to the table. If you look at his voting record you will see for yourself that he votes straight party lines. He never challenges any other Republican ideas. According to, Chaffetz’s voting record consists of 13 Yea votes and 111 Nay votes. He votes the way his party officials ask him to and seems to have no decisionmaking skills of his own. We might as well have a robot to press the “Nay” button.

Mr. Chaffetz, please stop appearing on Fox News’s pseudo-journalistic punditry programs where you only get praised. If you get another chance to ask the president a question, make sure you have your facts straight, and next time please make it a good one. No one cares that you sleep on a cot. Do your homework, or for that matter, some actual work. Most of all, please, please, don’t run for the Senate.

2 thoughts on “Chaffetz: The Nayonator

  1. Davey, davey, davey-

    I would that you were a little more open-minded. This article has nothing to do with Chaffetz job performance and everything to do with your own political antagonism.

    You would love nothing more than to see a democrat in district 2, which, we all know, will never happen anytime soon; especially with the political fiasco your buddies are creating in DC right now.

    Chaffetz votes down party lines less than our other two Utah congressman, Matheson or Bishop. (

    You wouldn’t really prefer Bishop over Chaffetz; Bishop has an even more partisan voting record. If you were really honest, you would say that you wished Pelosi were representing Utah’s district two.

    Nice try. For what it was worth, I enjoyed your political commentary, but there is little substance here. Good luck.


  2. I have to agree with Dave on this one. Chaffetz has proven to be a typical pandering politician who votes on party lines. He is not as hard core a conservative as he claims to be. His voting record rates as “moderate republican”, as would any career politician would be. The current measure to fire workers who don’t pay taxes doesn’t make sense. There are no jobs out there, so they go on unemployment for the hand out and still don’t pay taxes. My understanding is that wages are garnished if you don’t pay taxes. Is this not happening? This looks completely like a sell out to Obama as he wants to piggyback this on Obama’s measure to crack down on corporate/federal contracts-way different situation. This has nothing to do with economic stimulus or frugality. He is such a glad hander. On top of this, UVU students, he wants to do away with the Department of Education. So if…

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