Communism, here we come. Thanks health care bill.

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Karl Marx would be proud. The pre-eminent capitalist nation is on its way to what Marx says is a communal life.

Most would say that it is a far stretch for America, the traditional warrior against communism, to be headed toward that system. However, America has been making steady progress since before the establishment of the nation.

According to some interpretations of Marx, communism is not a system that is to be established, but will naturally come about. This interpretation says that a nation will naturally final-moneyweb2go through stages – to reach the ideal, a nation must go through a progression; first, colonialism; from colonialism to capitalism, capitalism to socialism; and finally from socialism to communism.

The United States began as a colonial nation, and then quickly took its first step by adopting a capitalist economic system. While the U.S. has yet to make the transition from capitalism to socialism, the passing of the health care bill has wrought fundamental political and social changes that Marx said are necessary to create the ideal society.

Social unification and the elimination of class systems are Marx’s ideal for a society. Social Security, Medicare, and now health care reform are all steps the U.S. has taken to help socially unify the nation by handing those in the lower economic classes the same coverage as those in the higher economic classes.

While unifying the nation and giving coverage to all, even those who would not normally be able to afford it, this socialized health care is one step closer to what Marx says is the ideal utopian communist society. The health care reform bill alone doesn’t make a socialist society, but combined with the other government regulations to benefit the public, and if the legislative and executive branches continue to pass bills and sign broad regulatory acts, the United States is well on its way to becoming a socialist nation.

Although at least one staunch Obama supporter has said, “The bill is not socialist enough,” others would say the health care bill is pure capitalism because money is paid to private insurance companies, not the state. However, the state is set to shell out $940 billion over ten years.

This investment is estimated to reduce the deficit by $143 billion over the first ten years. The government will raise this money by charging private insurance companies, who will be part of the state-based exchange and subsidies program, a 40 percent excise tax. As of 2014, people who choose to opt out of this health care exchange program and refuse to buy insurance will be fined $695 annually. Basically the government will be forcing citizens to have health insurance.

With continued government regulation for unifying the nation and blurring the lines between social classes, Marx said that communism will come as a result of overthrowing all existing social conditions. The passing of the health care bill is just another notch in the belt of communism. After all, socialism is the gateway to communism.

4 thoughts on “Communism, here we come. Thanks health care bill.

  1. Seriously, let’s scrap this health care bill.

    And while we’re at it, let’s scrap Medicare. And Medicaid. And libraries. And the US Postal Service. And the military. And the water system. And police protection. And fire protection. And public education. And SCHIP. And Welfare and food stamps. And the interstates/highways/all other public roads. And Pell Grants. And public parks.

    Listen, Merinda, you can call it socialism. Or you can call it capitalism. But that is hardly what matters.

    What is needed, and what works? If health care is needed, and Obama’s plan is what works, then let’s do it. Even if it’s Socialism.

    But hey, I’m with you, the health care bill’s not cutting it. I’ll tell you what will — Single-Payer health care. Socialist health care is exactly what this country needs, and exactly what Obama couldn’t seem to give us.

  2. Hey lady, if you’re going to have the audacity to invoke my name for your silly opinions piece, then you should be able to cite my works!

    Hic Rhodus, hic salta!

  3. Jonathon needs to go develop some brain cells. So Does EngenderedSpecies. Don’t slippery slope the writer on “well lets just get rid of libraries then too!” you idiot. If you knew anything, you’d know that medicare and medicade were designed to the fix the same, or similar problems the recently passed health-care bill supposedly will. Only wait, they’re bankrupt. The health care bill -mandating to be an American citizen you must purchase health coverage & insurance companies can no longer deny for pre-existing conditions(making them no longer insurance agencies but welfare offices) will put them out of business in a matter of years. Which is why if you have health insurance, your premiums have been raised by 30% like mine. wasn’t this supposed to lower those? when they are out of business a single payer option will be adopted to save all the poor people. oh dear god I hope you…

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