Can you tell me how to get to UVU?

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Now that you’re out of high school and out of college, getting to school involves more than the school bus vs. driving yourself scenario.

With the spike in enrollment this year and no change in the amount of student parking, students may want to consider all of their parking and commuting options before fall semester.
According to Parking Services, the number of passes sold in the last year almost doubled the 1700 passes sold the previous year.

What that means for anybody trying to find a parking spot is some serious competition, especially if one insists on parking in lots near the liberal arts building.

Parking Services Supervisor Tena Medina said, “A lot of students don’t know there are other parking lots they can park in with their yellow passes … [and] shy away from parking far away. But the time they spend walking is the same they would spend finding a closer parking spot.”

In addition to locating other parking lots, Medina recommends showing up a few minutes early to secure any spot, near or far from your class.

It should be noted that Parking Services has moved to a new location at 723 South 1200 West and that passes are available not only there, but at One Stop and online. Furthermore, you are no longer required to bring in vehicle registration or fill out a form to receive a parking pass. They are also changing the permits from stationary window stickers to moveable hangtags.

If you wish to park in the Institute parking lots, you must be enrolled in and currently attend an Institute class and obtain a pass at the north office in the Institute building. Some no-pass options include riding scooters or motorcycles.

They are required to park in parking lots and designated parking spots, but do not require passes.

For those who have the time to make a longer commute, the school offers a student UTA pass that can be obtained at Campus Connection in the Sorensen Student Center. Passes are activated on your UVU student ID after paying a fee of twenty dollars.

You can bike or walk to school if you live close enough. There is an on-campus shuttle bus that runs throughout the day, although it has no bike accommodations.

Don’t live close enough to walk or ride a bike? You can combine available transportation options. Taking advantage of UTA bus routes, you can walk or ride your bike to a nearby bus stop. Bike racks are provided on all busses. Once you’re on a bus in Utah Valley, you’ll eventually connect with the UVU campus and be closer to the school than most student parking lots.

If you think you live too far away to take the bus, but are open to alternative modes of transportation, there are ways to negotiate that. Consider finding a nearby Park and Ride connecting with a southbound 811 express bus at some point. If you live in the Salt Lake area, you have the option of taking TRAX to Sandy and then hopping on the 811 to Orem.

Those with limited commute capabilities can discuss parking pass options by contacting Parking Services at 801 863-8188. The LDS Institute can be reached at 801-764-3000. For UTA options contact Campus Connection at 801 863-8797.

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