Mardi Gras Style

Illustration by Nadine McPatrick

Students, it’s time to put on your best, let down your hair and party late into the night. Mardi Gras is coming to town!

UVUSA is throwing a Mardi Gras themed party on Feb. 25 from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. and the Student Life committee has gone all out this year, booking several major attractions that are sure to appeal to everyone.

In years past, students have complained about parties on campus not being enjoyable because the only attraction offered was a dance. UVUSA representatives in charge of planning the party, Zack Dearing and Joe Jurisic, have worked hard to ensure a wide range of students can enjoy Mardi Gras this year.

“We have brought other activities along with the dance to give people who don’t like dancing other opportunities to participate,” said Dearing.

Besides the dance, which will be going on all night in the ballroom, Jurisic and Dearing have organized a dinner, a photo-booth, spray-on tattoos, a kissing-booth, carnival games and an oxygen bar.

Dearing and Jurisic have also booked performers. In order to ensure students can see all of the acts, each will be performing at different times.

Comedian Mal Hall, whom the student council met at a national conference, will be performing at Center Stage at 11 p.m. and also at 1 a.m. A hypnotist named Bruce McDonald will be in the Ragan Theater at 10 p.m. and midnight.

The oxygen bar, which was a huge hit at the Halloween dance, will be returning for Mardi Gras. The company, Solase, provide individual tubes where students can breathe in oxygen of various scents. The effect is considered to be a “fake high” and is completely safe. Solase use proper safety methods and sanitation and using the oxygen bar is ultimately harmless.

The most important detail of the party is it is restricted to those 18 years old and over. Because of this, students need to bring not only their student ID, but also some form of identification that can verify age. This is for insurance and security reasons.

Tickets can be purchased only at the front door of the Sorenson Student Center the night of the event. Tickets cost $8 with a UVID and $10 without. Only cash is accepted and while one can be escorted to an ATM, students are encouraged to bring their own cash.

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  1. Well I searched high and low on facebook for an event of this and there are none to be found. So i’m making one! Its a really fun event!!! Hope its not too late to have plufadoes of people come! 🙂

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