Encore Thrift Store gives clothes another chance

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UVU alumnus, Tyler Nash, put his Business Management degree to good use by opening a thrift store with his buddy, Chad Krogh.

Located at 466 W Center St in Provo, Encore Thrift Store opened April 12, 2013 with a free dance party to bring new customers in. Since then, they have built a Facebook fan page of 776 likes, and over 1000 followers on Instagram.

In music, an encore is when the performers come out to play an additional song based on demand from the audience. Formally a disc jockey, Nash has a passion for music, which sparked the two founder’s thoughts for the name.

While selling health insurance in California, Nash got a call from Krogh with the idea to open a thrift store. Initially, the two thought to open in California, but decided that Provo needed a thrift store. Since Nash had previously worked in Provo, he had a network that would help the set up.

While Provo has a few thrift stores already, Encore is bringing in a new style. Many of the other stores have to be searched thoroughly to find the kind you want. Deseret Industries, or DI, is popularly known for having cheap clothes but is often picked clean of the “good stuff.” Nash commented, “The ten percent in DI that is actually cool will be [at Encore].”

Bringing used clothes and other items from California, Idaho, and Utah, this store has a variety that many will enjoy. Krogh tailors some clothes to add new style, including pockets to create their “Wildlife Wednesday” look and more.

“We are turning old into new and making it better,” says Nash. The in-house alterations that are done are one step in achieving this goal.

Encore accepts any and all donations that are brought in. So if you are looking to clean out your closet, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. You can have the assurance that someone will come into this new store and put what you no longer need to good use.

The typical style at this location tends to fall into one of the latest fashions, indie. Sometimes known as hipster, this style has become increasingly more popular. Leaning mostly towards this trend has pulled more customers in.

Since the business is still new, the owners are always looking for more ways to publicize so that the public is aware of their presence in Provo. The grand opening party, with a live band, was one effort. At one time, there was a deal where if you took a photo with Instagram and tagged @encorethrift then you would get 15% off your total purchase.


Sept 13, 2013 brings another promotional event. The back to school party will take place that night from 9:00pm-1:00am at the store.

What’s in the future for Encore? It’s still very new, so the next six months will be the judge. If all goes well, we may start seeing Encore pop up in other locations.

Come by the store anytime Tuesdays through Saturday sfrom 11am-9pm to check out what is available. Then come back since it is a thrift store and therefore will always be changing as donations are brought in.

In the mean time, look them up on Facebook at facebook.com/thriftencore where customers have already posted raving reviews and see some pictures of things that have been available.

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  1. I went in to Encore Thrift Shop in Provo to shop earlier this evening. Had a hugely disappointing experience. I found a couple of items and went to the counter to make my final purchase. The girl at the counter with long brown wavy hair gladly mentioned the Christmas discount to the shoppers ahead of me and also the shoppers after me but gladly charged me full price. It was interesting to note that the two groups of shoppers ahead of me were obviously hipsters. The couple after me were obviously hipsters as well. I however (a middle aged male) was dressed in a pair of trousers, a packet T, ball cap, and some pumas. Pretty casual but far from hip. I was however extremely polite. I guess the girl behind the counter didn’t think I fit in with their usual clientele well enough to give me the advertised 30% discount. Maybe there is a special look required to receive the discount? But…

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