Malawi’s Pizza: Pizza with a Purpose

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Dave’s Review


I’ve been a little hesitant to try Malawi’s Pizza ever since I heard that they were a one-for-one restaurant. Don’t think I’m a bad person for not owning a pair of TOM’s, people. But typically when I hear one-for-one, I think low quality, high prices, but it’s okay for some reason because you’re “making a difference.” I was sorely mistaken when it came to Malawi’s. Great food at great prices, and they’re actually feeding people, not just giving them a pair or crappy shoes.


Malawi’s is the brainchild of Kent Andersen. You might have heard of a couple of his other restaurants: Chef’s Table, and La Jolla Groves. Needless to say, Kent knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to food. He has applied this knowledge to create a great experience at Malawi’s. The first thing I loved about this place was the open kitchen. I love it when a restaurant opens the kimono for two reasons: 1) you know they’re clean, and 2) you know the ingredients are fresh. The open kitchen also accommodates customization if you’re into that. I’d recommend trying the dishes the way they’ve been designed, though. The second thing I loved about Malawi’s is they break from the American pizza tradition to put as many low quality toppings on a pie and smother it in processed cheese. Malawi’s focuses on quality over quantity when it comes to his ingredients. This is reflected in the final product–a thin crusted pie, topped with healthier ingredients that won’t leave you feeling greasy and heavy if you decide, like I did, to take down the entire thing.


Malawi Kitchen



A couple of pies worth mentioning are the Santa Fe Chicken and Malawi’s Capri. The Santa Fe is an explosion of really great flavors and textures that you typically don’t find on a pizza. Kent has put things like black beans, guacamole, and lime salsa on this pie to create a truly unique experience I highly recommend. The Malawi’s Capri was a close second in my book–fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, and a balsamic reduction. It’s a classic that Malawi’s has done right. It’s a perfect summer meal. Oh, and if you’ve brought a couple of more people with you, get a desert pie. The Berries & Cream is amazing.


Overall, Malawi’s gets my stamp of approval in a big way. The food is very approachable, at great prices, and they’re actually making a difference. Go give them a visit, you won’t regret it.


Malawi's Restaurant



Blake’s Review


Malawi’s isn’t your local greasy pizza joint. Here you get high quality food made in front of you, with healthier ingredients at a very reasonable price. It’s got a relaxed and fun vibe perfect for just about any occasion. What I liked most about Malawi’s was the top-notch staff and service.


As far as the food is concerned I had a nice sampling of the wide variety the menu offers. The Pesto Roasted Chicken pizza would be a perfect choice for someone who wants a lighter option but doesn’t want to be an herbivore.


The dessert pizzas were a perfect way to finish the meal! The Berries & Cream pizza was the best “healthy” dessert I’ve ever had. Those who want some sweet without sacrificing their entire caloric intake for the day should go this route. That being said, I’m a chocoholic. The Chocolate Overload dessert pizza was awesome! This pizza was described to me as the “Reese’s Pizza” and being a huge Reese’s fan myself, I was not disappointed. This thing had brownies, cookie dough, peanut butter cups, fudge & marshmallow crème. That’s a tasty dessert pizza guys.


Berries & Cream Pizza


As Dave said, Malawi’s does it right. They’ve got the food, price, atmosphere and service down to a science. And if you are the kind of person who wants a well-qualified chef at the helm, Kent has done it all in the restaurant business. Beside that, he’s got an MBA so he’ll be able to break down the R.O.I. of your dining experience if you so desire.


PS: Don’t forget about their location in Salt Lake, at the Gateway, when you’re up there getting your shop on!


Owner, Kent Anderson


Malawi’s Pizza

4801 N. University Ave #110

Provo, UT 84604




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