Extended education center in Saratoga Springs

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West Lake High School by day, and West Lake Education Center by night. Saratoga Springs residents have the opportunity to receive college credit for classes taken at the center, that will be celebrating its first year this fall. Courtesy of UVU

Over the past year, UVU’s North-Westlake Education Center, located in Saratoga Springs, has increased educational opportunities for northern Utah County residents.

The North-Westlake Education Center began fall registration in April and classes for the 2010 academic year will begin on Wednesday, Aug. 25.

The office of Extended Studies conducted a survey for students and residents to assess interest in a center like this. In the beginning, 93 students were scheduled for six classes. The need for classes has increased immensely and classes have recently doubled to 12.

“Fred Openshaw, principal at Westlake High School, approached us and asked us to start offering classes in Saratoga Springs,” said Ruth Gowans, extended studies off-campus manager. “Our department responded to this by distributing a survey in the area to find out if there was a high number of community members who would be interested in taking classes at the proposed site.”

University credit courses are becoming more accessible to students and the community through sites like this. The Education Center is conveniently located to help reduce travel for students and to encourage more residents to continue their education.

Classes will begin after 5:40 p.m., early enough for students to take additional classes in one evening if needed. The courses offered are fully-accredited and meet the general education requirements for degree seeking students.

In August, a selection of general education course will be available, including eight face to face and four live interactive classes.

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